Rise Up and Repeal

My mama didn’t raise a silent girl 
She raised a rioter, a rebel. 
Not a sit in the corner, plastered on smile girl 
She raised a shouter, righteous anger. 
My mama didn’t raise a good girl
Do what you’re told girl. 
She raised a no justice no peace girl, a break down the walls girl. 
My mama didn’t raise a complicit girl 
She raised a know what’s right, do what’s right girl. 
Use your voice girl. Fight the man girl. Stand up for them girl.
Fierce as fuck girl 
Set the world on fire with your tongue, girl 
Feed the hungry babies from your breast girl 
Raise the boys with softer hearts girl
Smash the patriarchy with your fists girl 

Rise up and Repeal girl. 

-e.darcy 2017

Art by Cass Dottridge
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