Pre-Order In Her Shoes – Women of the Eighth

It’s May 25th, 2020 – the second anniversary of Repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland and the day that New Island Books releases the pre-order for the book I have been working on. 

It has been an overwhelming emotional roller coaster. I have gone from anxiety riddled, jaw grinding, and four hours of sleep – to elated butterflies and excitement in this becoming a reality.  

I burned a pot of water this morning while making pasta for my youngest. 

I sat in my car sobbing, intending to go into the grocery store until the gravity of what this work means hit me. To see the idea, to skeleton bones, to book really happen… To know that not only did I write it, but that people are buying it. That the thirty two contributors to the book are feeling the excitement with me… The knowing that these stories, these stories of Ireland will be held in hands across the world. That these lives are nestled in with illustrations and space to be. That women’s experiences are taking up space in history. That they can’t be forgotten. 

There is so much trauma to sift through when I sit with what we had to do in order to get to the vote. The mixture of emotions, and the knowing that I won’t fully be able to process and comprehend what we did as a nation together for years and years down the line. 

I am so proud. I am so proud to share this with the world. I am so proud to be in Ireland, among these people, among the Repealers. 

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