legacy {upcoming}

With themes of mother loss, grief, healing, and being in the world – Legacy will be my first solo exhibition and is proposed for 2020.

This series first began in my mother’s kitchen, in the days immediately following her early death to Acute Myeloid Leukemia. These nine pieces are the primitive process of a broken heart, along with words written with each image.

Legacy (n).
Something that happens or exists as a result of things

that happened at an earlier time .

Legacy is what propels me forward. Knowing that I must continue to live and make something great of this one wild life, for her, for me, for my children.

Legacy is the driving force and bargaining process of grief that makes false promises that if I do all of the things right, if I do enough, if I make her proud, that somehow from the ether she will be back – and history rewritten.

Legacy is the swirling DNA and stardust we came from, the knowing that as I continue to live and breathe in the world – that she lives and breathes within me. On and on, we came from the stardust, and to dust and the stars we return.

The original series has been refined and worked to larger scale.

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