Launching In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes : Erin Darcy book launch

Like so many authors and makers, we didn’t get to have a proper launch for In Her Shoes : Women of the Eighth. I had been planning out a few events, like the rest of the world – and that all stalled while our anxiety rose along with the Covid19 cases.  

Instead of a book launch that only some people would get to attend in person if we were in pre-covid days – I thought we could do a live webinar EVENT! I don’t know how to do a webinar event, but I thought of it, and I had it in mind to get together with some really cool women that I actually just want to know more about and promote our work together. The focus wouldn’t all be on me – perfect, and we’d have some comradery and interesting chats – wonderful! People will buy our books and we can pat ourselves on our backs in safety away from germ infested gatherings. 

And then that wouldn’t work out – technical issues, sound, video quality, blah blah blah. 

My anxiety while waiting for the government to make a decision – I decided that fuck iiiittt.. we’ll keep it simple, we’ll do a RECORDED launch, it won’t have to be live, phew! 

Tomás Kenny of Kenny’s Books in Galway had to last minute cram read my book – because he wasn’t actually going to be the person to interview me, those plans fell through. He’s such a genuinely lovely man and easy to talk to, so I was delighted that he would take some hours out of his night to read my words and prepare a conversation. 

As I sat there being sewn into my dress (pre-covid I bought two gorgeous dresses for the future launch of the book, pretty things with tags on that no longer fit.) I started to become so aware of cameras and microphones – aware that people are watching, looking, recorded. aaaaghh

It went lovely, we talked and talked for over 45 minutes that had to be cut down to 15 or so, (you’re wlecome!)   

And so here it is! My launch!
Cheers your glass of imaginary warm prosecco with me, buy a copy of this most important and beautiful book, and tell your friend to get one too. In fact, just buy your friend a copy for their Christmas gift – sorted.


About the book :: 
A memoir and anthology, beautifully bound and presented. Published with New Island Books, an independent Irish publisher.

I am writing the story of community, activism, motherhood, grief, trauma, belonging. I am writing the story of my journey to Ireland, through to my motherloss, and creating an art project that became a pivotal part of the Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment.  

In Her Shoes is a testament to the importance of women’s stories. How giving space for the taboo to walk among us can be healing and transform a nation. I take you on a journey of how grief can push us through and bring new things into life, while nestled in the heart of the book are 32 consenting anonymous stories of people impacted by the eighth amendment in Ireland. The stories shared within the Facebook page are some of the most harrowing testimonies I have ever had the privilege of holding space for, and giving a selection of them a forever home in a book allows for these sacrifices of our human rights and dignity to not be forgotten. 

The book forever nestles Her Story into history, a place where women are often written out. 

:: what people are saying about the book ::

“This book should be in every library in Ireland. This is our past, our present and now we won’t forget it. In honoring these 32 stories Autor has created a historical account of the lives and struggles of women in Ireland in the 21st century. Its so beautiful set within the Authors own story of love, loss, immigration and family. The illustrations are incredibly beautiful and tell a tale all on their own. Cannot recommend this book enough!!!!”

“I’m still reeling from the impact of this book. An essential read if you want to understand how women’s bodies can be policed and the impact it has on their lives, their families and their country. I was really taken in by Erin’s beautiful telling of her story, and what brought her to create In Her Shoes. The writing is profoundly personal and also poetic in its style. I expected to need to take time to read the book, but her story of losing her mother, coming to activism, followed by burnout and depression really made it hard to put the book down. It’s like reading these women’s diaries, and the stories they tell are vital.”

“I got this in America and I read it in two days. I probably would have read it faster if I didn’t have to work. . I couldn’t put it down. It is one of the most profound things I have ever read. I have always been pro-choice. While I’ve always fought for choice and been terrified that Roe vs. Wade would be repealed, I never truly knew how terrifying that reality would look. I had no idea how things were in Ireland. But I am so saddened to hear how it was and now far they still have to come . Thank you for writing this. Thank you for sharing this message with the world. I think every woman in America needs to read this. To see what banning abortion will make our country become. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This book has ignited a fire in me. A fire to get out there to protect other women’s right to autonomy, in anyway I can. Your words and hard work, the stories of the women of Ireland will stay in my heart and mind forever.”

“I knew the 32 stories would be excellent, honest and painful, but Erin’s story is also wonderfully written, truthful and amazing. I see some of me when I was a new mother in her writing. This is an important book, but also a great read.”

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