Galway 2020 : Generation 20

Being invited to take part of Generation 20, a photo and interview series of upcoming artists and creators in Galway, for Galway European Capital of Culture 2020 has been an absolutely mind boggling and fabulous way to begin the year.

Though I have claimed the word ‘Artist’ for the past 10 years, it is only in this moment that I begin to feel the roots sinking down, validation, and the internal monologue of imposter syndrome raise it’s head, and gently shown to the door.

I aim to take this opportunity as a launching point for really digging in deep to bring the bodies of work alive that have been waiting to come to the surface for years. It is so inspiring to be carving out community with powerful, talented, and ridiculously interesting people.

photo by Julia Monard

An artist, activist, and mother originally from Oklahoma, living in Co Galway. My artworks include watercolour, acrylic, mixed medium, photography, and written word. My work evokes the nostalgia of childhood, and central themes focus on the stories of womanhood.

Please take a moment to read the interview with Photographer Julia Monard :: Galway 2020 : Generation 20 Erin Darcy

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